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About Us

Dream Builders

Dream Builders Learning Center is a licensed childcare center that is Quality Rated in the state of Georgia. The Dream Team is composed of certified educators, parents, community volunteers and business partners. Our team is continuously training and learning to understand and meet the needs of the children we service. We are family orientated, and take pride in the service provided for the children entrusted to our care.

Some Of
Our Specialties

More than a decade of research confirms that a safe, quality childcare program is a necessary building block to a child’s future success. Participation in a rich nurturing program has been proven to make a positive impact on brain development, health, academics, and social and emotional development. Dream Builders is a program that looks at the development of the child as a whole and explores ways to build positive communication, better relationships with peers and assist the parents to decrease caregiver conflict. We help the entire family DREAM.


Creativity, Discovery, Symbolic Thought, Problem Solving Skills and Reasoning.


Self-esteem, Confidence, Positive Attitudes, Temperament Control and Independence.


Appropriate behaviors within certain context, and learning to interact with Peers.


Provides developmentally appropriate material based on the individual child.


Body Development, Movement and Nutrition.


Assist caregivers by providing community resources and parent training.

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